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 Wecome to the N.J.R.O.T.C.Unit at Suitland High School(SHS).On the 26th of May 1982,SHS was selected to host N.J.R.O.T.C. Unit. Be proud!"You are now a member of a special unit and team".On this site we'll include everything about your favorite drill team, including photos, a biography, an annotated list of films, breaking news, and more. Don't Forget to sign our Guestbook, thank you!

We average 175 cadets consisting of students from grades 9-12. Our current battalion commander is a junior and carries the rank of cadet/commander. The Commander is assisted by a cadet staff consisting of an Executive Officer, Battalion Chief Petty Officer, Operation Officer, Administrative Officer, Supply Officer, 1st. Lieutenant, and Public Affairs Officer.The battalion is organized into two companies, Alpha and Bravo, each company into three platoons, each platoon into squads. Each company and platoon has a cadet commander. Counting our commanders, staff,and squad leaders, there are over forty leadership positions! 

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